Xiaomi will send eight generations of Core processor game book

At the MIX2S conference at the end of March this year, Xiaomi unexpectedly released the first Xiaomi game book in addition to the Xiaomi MIX2S, using a 15.6-inch screen, GTX 1060/1050 Ti alone, enhanced version of Dolby Atmos 4 partition colorful backlit keyboard.
There is also the Intels seventh-generation Core processor. But what is more embarrassing is that Intel released the eighth-generation Core processor in the Xiaomi game.
Now, Xiaomi released the “New Performance Monstersseries of posters, showing that Xiaomi will release a new generation of millet notebooks on 2018CHINAJOY, and the top left and top right corners of the posters are Xiaomi and Intel’s LOGO respectively. If nothing unexpected, it should be upgraded to the eighth generation. The millet game of the Core processor is here.