Waymo driverless car has tested 4 million miles on the road

On the morning of November 28th, Beijing time, if you want to develop successful driverless technology, the actual mileage of the car on the road may be the most important indicator. At this point, Waymo has always been the leader. Waymo is a subsidiary of Alphabet. About 10 years ago, Google set up a self-driving car project, and now the car has automatically traveled 4 million miles (about 6.44 million kilometers) on the road.
Four million miles were collectively completed by all Waymo test teams, including the original driverless car and the latest unmanned CHRYSLER Pacifica minivan. Currently, Waymo is also testing Chrysler Pacifica on the Arizona Highway. There are no safe drivers in the car. Automated cars share roads with ordinary manned cars.
Waymo also explained that a person would have to spend about 300 years to build 4 million miles, based on the average American driving speed. The mileage of the Waymo driverless car is increasing. From May to November this year, the mileage of the car increased by 1 million miles. Waymo completed a one million-mile share for six years.
In addition to the actual mileage, Waymo also traveled 2.5 billion miles in simulation software. In addition, Waymo also tested on the Castle test road. For a long time, Waymo will still brag about driving data. The real-world driving range of a car is a key indicator. If you want to develop a complex virtual AI driving system for business unmanned taxi service, this indicator is very important. When Waymo deploys the first public driverless product, The goal of aiming is business unmanned taxi service.