The Sony PS5 will use an 8-core Ryzen processor for $500.

According to Reddit users, Sony PS5 will be officially announced at some time in the middle of next year. According to the introduction, PS5 will have a great improvement in performance, and PS5 will also adopt 8-core Ryzen processor, one based on AMD‘s upcoming Navi. The architecture is custom GPU, and the PS5 provides stable 60fps speed at 4K resolution.
The user mentioned that the new PS5 has a large number of developers to get its development kit, the official price of the PS5 is about $500, in addition, the user also said that the three games released on the PS4 will die soon. The stranded, the last survivor 2 and the latter two of the soul of the horse will be launched on the PS5.
Of course, this does not mean that the PS5 provides backward compatibility. Before Sony officially released the PS5, it was all unknown.