The second generation of Godson is released: equipped with 64-bit dual-core CPU

According to the official news of the Loongson Zhongke, the Loongson second generation was released, equipped with a 64-bit dual-core CPU Loongson 2K1000, nano-ITX motherboard, PCIE high-speed interface.
The Loongson second-generation solution is equipped with a Godson 2K1000 clocked at 1.0GHz, supports 2D/3D image processor, maximum power consumption of 5W, peak computing speed of 8GFlpos, and manufacturing process of 40nm.
Compared with the Loongson 1 generation, the 2nd generation supports a larger 120*120mm standard nano ITX motherboard, and also supports M2 and SSD hard drives. The power supply has also been replaced by the original 5V3A microUSB power supply to the current 12V3A cylindrical power supply.
On the system side, the second generation of the Loongson School supports Linux, RTOS and mainstream domestic operating systems. The software is fully open source, open BIOS, kernel and operating system code.