Taiwan panel companies compete for Micro-LED dominance

At the2017 Taiwan Smart Display and Touch Exhibition” (Touch TAIWAN) held in Taipei in late September, the new-generation panel technology “Micro-LEDreceived attention. Taiwanese companies that are behind the South Korean Samsung Electronics" target="_blank">Electronics in the field of organic EL are actively conducting research and development, or will have an impact on Japanese companies.
Micro-LEDs are technologies that combine tiny size light-emitting diodes (LEDs). According to Play Nitride, which develops related technologies, compared with liquid crystal and organic EL panels, its advantages are not only superior durability, but also light. This technology is expected to be applied to outdoor and part of the front window of a car.
Many opinions in the industry believe that the full popularity of Micro-LED will be beyond 2020. At present, there are still some problems, such as reducing the production cost of LEDs and enhancing the technology of densely arranging small-sized LEDs.
At the relevant forum held on September 21st, Xie Mingxun, deputy general manager of Taiwan’s large-scale LED company Jingyuan Optoelectronics, said that at the next year‘s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the first appearance of Micro-LED will be adopted. The previous stage of the mini LED product.
Hon Hai and Sharp announced in May that they will spend about 3 billion yen to acquire eLux, a US technology startup that is engaged in the research and development of Micro-LED. On the other hand, Taiwan has a view that Korean companies will start to buy Micro-LED-related companies in order to prevent Taiwanese companies from making a comeback.