SK Hynix Alliance Bain Capital

Toshibas semiconductor business sales case, each camp rushed to the sky, than the depth of the pocket, but also than the management team signs. According to the latest news, in order to successfully qualify, SK Hynix has formed an alliance with Bain Capital, a US private equity fund, to bid for the partnership.
SK Hynix partner Bain Capital, if it succeeds in eating Toshiba Semiconductor, will become the world‘s second largest NAND flash memory supplier. For the above news, SK Hynix declined to comment on the above news. (
Observers pointed out that SK Hynix actually used Bain Capital as a signboard to attract competitive Japanese investors to build a world-class management team to attract Toshiba.
According to recent media reports, Hon Hai prepared 3 trillion won to rob Toshiba Semiconductor, while SK Hynix only prepared 2 trillion won, a big difference between the two. However, SK Hynix President Chey Tae-won said this month that Toshiba Semiconductor’s bidding results are not binding, and the bidding level is not important.