Sharp, JDI will compete for Apple OLED screen orders Challenge Samsung monopoly

Beijing time on January 12 evening news, according to supply chain sources, Foxconns Sharp and Japanese display panel maker Japan DISPLAY (JDI) are preparing to compete for Apple‘s OLED display panel orders. Coupled with the previous LG, at least three manufacturers are now ready to challenge Samsung‘s monopoly on OLED panels.
At present, Samsung is Apple’s only OLED display panel supplier, because only Samsung can achieve the satisfactory yield of Apple. However, it has been reported that another Korean technology giant LG will become Apple’s second OLED panel supplier.
However, in the case of Apple’s expected launch of two different OLED devices this year, other display panel manufacturers are expected to receive orders from Apple.
Recently, it is reported that Sharp is building an OLED panel production line, and it is expected to start production in the second quarter of this year. Foreign media Digitimes reported that Sharp, now part of Foxconn Electronics" target="_blank">Electronics, is likely to start producing OLED screens in the second quarter of 2018 to compete with Samsung.
In addition, Sharp may also carry its own OLED screen for its smartphone products.
Last month, JDI, suffering from the lack of OLED production capacity, received a total of $636 million in aid from the Japanese government. After receiving this assistance, JDI will begin to build an OLED panel production line and begin to compete for Apple orders.