Samsung sets up an autopilot team or hints at internal strategic adjustments

Beijing time on August 8th at noon, according to the Korean media “The Bellreported on August 8, Samsung Electronics" target="_blank">Electronics recently set up a new team in its research laboratory “Samsung Institute of Advanced Technology” to study automatic driving skills.
Together with the company‘s auto parts business unit, the team will play a key role in Samsung’s efforts to re-develop its connected cars. Samsung’s research labs usually study early technologies and then put them into mass market use.
Given Samsung’s cautious approach to re-entering the automotive industry, the report pointed out that the establishment of a new team may hint at the strategic adjustment within the Korean technology giant. Samsung’s financial crisis in the late 1990s was hit hard, so in 2000 it sold its five-year auto business to the French Renault Group.
“Samsung’s role in the car during Li Jianxi’s tenure as Chairman of the Board. After Li’s son Li Zaijun took over the company, the company’s internal atmosphere has changed.” An anonymous industry insider said, “Considering the company’s research lab recently The more attention it pays to mass market technology, Samsung seems to be accelerating the development of autonomous vehicles based on the company’s own artificial intelligence technology.”
In May of last year, Samsung obtained a license to test self-driving cars in South Korea, the first company in South Korea to obtain such licenses. Samsung also holds a license to test self-driving cars in the United States.
Since the auto parts business was established in December 2015, Samsung has been vigorously promoting the development of the department. In 2016, the company acquired US audio and infotainment giant Harman International for $10 billion.