Samsung is developing on-screen camera technology

Whether it is Liu Haiping, water drop screen or pop-up camera, slide full screen, to some extent, can be regarded as 100% full screen before the exploration and transition plan.
From the 90% to the 100% screen, the bigger problem is how to hide the front camera. In the early years, proactively only took on the self-timer function, and now it is accompanied by the face recognition function, becoming an indispensable important component.
According to Samsung Mobile.News, Samsung is developing a screen camera solution and has already prototyped several prototypes.
Samsung itself has core technologies such as OLED display and camera CMOS, which has the greatest inherent advantages in developing a screen camera. However, due to the high standards, Samsung is extremely strict and cautious in controlling the progress of new technologies from the laboratory to the commercial, so foreign media speculated that this technology may not be seen in 2019.
Previously, there have been some patents of other manufacturers‘ screen cameras that have surfaced, including Apple‘s use of pixel gaps, Huawei‘s tinted glass (the screen becomes transparent when using the camera).
In short, if your phone can still last for two years, 5G+100% full screen will be a good opportunity.