Samsung collapsible mobile phone official momentum: see you on November 7

Samsungs collapsible smartphone is getting closer and closer, and its prototype is said to have been developed for many years. In a tweet late last week, Samsung made a move for the phone, describing its upcoming developer conference as “Now “The intersection with the future” and shows two subtle graphics, the lines unfolding into a right arrow, apparently hinting at its folding phone.
Samsung CEO DJ Koh said in an interview with CNBC in September that the product may be launched this year. The Samsung Developer Conference will be held on November 7th and November 8th, when we will finally see this foldable phone. Or at least its prototype.
DJ Koh has previously said that users can use it as a tablet with multitasking capabilities or fold it into a more portable phone. And foldable phones won‘t be sold in Korea just like some of the previous phones, but will be available to the global market.