Qualcomm sues Apple again, saying it violated the mutual agreement to make Intel profitable

Beijing time on the morning of November 3, recently, Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple (hereinafter referred to as Apple), saying that Apple violated a software license agreement, making Qualcomm’s rival Intel profit. It is worth noting that the dispute between Qualcomm and Apple has been going on for a long time.
Qualcomm pointed out in an indictment filed in the California State Court on Wednesday that Apple used its commercial advantage to require chip makers to provide confidential software, even source code.
Qualcomm said that the agreement with Apple has clearly stated that Apple engineers working with Qualcomm cannot communicate with Apple engineers working with Intel.
Qualcomm mentioned that as early as July this year, Apple sent an email to Qualcomm asking for “highly confidential” information about a chip product. And Apple copied a copy to Intel engineers, which is what Qualcom said. In another similar case, an Apple engineer working with a Qualcomm competitor asked an Apple engineer who worked with Qualcomm about Qualcomm’s confidential technical information.
For Qualcomm’s lawsuit, Apple did not immediately comment. However, the action has already explained Apple’s attitude. It has already switched to Intel’s broadband modem chips on the iPhone 7, and according to Reuters, Apple will be on its iPhone and iPad products next year. Never use Qualcomm’s chips.