NVIDIA is developing a driverless car to replace car keys with face recognition

On the morning of October 17, according to media reports in Hong Kong, China, NVIDIA is working with a Russian startup to develop a driverless car called BB8 that uses face recognition instead of a key to make a real keyless enter.
The Russian startup, VisionLabs, specializes in facial recognition, data analysis and robotics, and has partnered with Nvidia to develop the driverless car BB8, which uses facial recognition technology to drive the door. The BB8 was unveiled at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference last week. When the driver approached the vehicle, the car scanned the driver’s face to identify his identity, re-confirmed the driver and passenger status, and then started controlling the car. The system also monitors the driver’s driving. The situation at the time to ensure safety.
The two companies said that facial recognition is used to improve the driving experience and make the driver’s life easier and safer. The designer also said that because there is no key, the risk of car theft can be reduced.
In addition, Nvidia announced that it has completed the record of 80 kilometers of unmanned bypass in California with its AI supercomputer Drive AGX. Although two staff members sit in the driver’s seat and the passenger seat, the two are throughout. None of the processes involved vehicle operation.