NTT Docomo launches the world’s thinnest mobile phone next month

On the afternoon of October 18th, Beijing time, the screen of smartphones has been getting bigger and bigger for many years. However, Japanese telecom operator NTT Docomo is preparing to launch a mobile phone that can be placed in a business card case.
As the largest telecom operator in Japan, NTT Docomo announced on Wednesday that it will release an ultra-light phone in November this year.
Kazuhiro Yoshizawa, president of NTT Docomo, said at the company‘s winter and spring product launch conference that some people are hoping to use smaller mobile phones that are more portable, so the company is ready to launch such a ” A model that focuses on simplicity and compactness.
The phone is small in size and is aimed at users who only need to make phone calls, read text messages, and only occasionally browse the Internet.
The phone comes with a 2.8-inch screen and no camera and headphone jacks. The phone is made by Kyocera and weighs only 47 grams and has a thickness of about 5.3 mm. It is claimed to be the thinnest and lightest mobile phone in the world. In comparison, the iPhone XS weighs 177 grams.
The phone’s screen uses electronic paper technology, so the display is similar to the Amazon Kindle. Users cannot download or install apps.
According to NTT Docomo, the retail price of the phone is 32,000 yen (about 285 US dollars).