NI Remote Control Solution with Thunderbolt 3 Technology

National Instruments (NI) recently announced the PXIe-8301 remote control module, and is the company‘s first solution to use the Thunderbolt 3 technology to control the PXI system with a notebook computer.
Mark Wetzel, president of NI Distinguished Engineers and PXI Systems ALLIANCE, said that over the past 20 years, the PXI platform has been favored by manufacturers and customers, and is widely used in many different fields, using the remote control mode of Thunderbolt 3. After the introduction of the group, it not only demonstrates the ability of the PXI platform to incorporate the latest commercial technologies, but also enables the PXI platform to further enter high-performance, low-cost and ultra-portable applications.
The PXIe-8301 provides PCI Express Gen 3 connectivity via two Thunderbolt 3 ports for maximum performance and a stable data transfer rate of up to 2.3GBit/s. Engineers can use a second port to daisy-chain additional Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C devices.
The module’s modern connectivity and low price make it a tool for engineers who describe and characterize desktop instrument parameters or develop portable automated test systems that allow them to use more affordable prices. Get high-performance control of PXI systems.
The series also includes the recently introduced PXIe-8821 embedded PXI controller with a set of 2.6GHz Intel Core i3-4110E dual-core processors for up to 2 GBit/s system bandwidth and has been designed for testing. Optimized with the measurement application. The embedded controllers are industrially rated, compact and lifecycle management, making them ideal for long-term deployment of PXI systems in demanding environments.