Lianchuang Optoelectronics continues to improve its technology and develop its terminal market

Lianchuang Optoelectronics is mainly engaged in the core technology of LED optoelectronic components business, and its revenue has increased year by year. In the fluctuation of the industry market, thanks to the companys continuous technological transformation investment and terminal market development, LED backlight and display services continue to contribute revenue in the fields of smart phones, high-brightness and ultra-thin LED market, and complete coverage of “LED device packaging“. Backlight industry for lighting sourcesapplication products – engineering implementation. We believe that the company’s future LED, especially backlight business, will maintain high quality growth and provide a solid foundation for the company’s subsequent expansion.
The cable business welcomes the potential opportunities of Smart City/Industry 4.0, and the military business develops with the aerospace industry.
The wire and cable industry is facing the pressure of homogenous competition. The company’s product line is rich and there are scale advantages. Although the overall profitability of the market has decreased, with the emergence of new opportunities such as smart city and industry 4.0, the company is expected to usher in a rebound in performance. The company’s military products have long-term accumulation and have repeatedly appeared in China‘s aerospace products. We believe that the company’s military and aerospace businesses will gain new growth points as the space industry develops.
Reasonably seek new business areas, focus on performance implementation and organic integration of the company’s business.
While stabilizing the development of its main business, the company actively seeks to expand into new areas. Cooperated with Shanghai Superconductor to form a multi-year technical accumulation and occupy the leading position in the industry. Try to expand the business in the new field and try to achieve a combination of soft and hard. Under the quest for new opportunities, the company still focuses on organic integration with its own business, and focuses on the performance of related businesses. We believe that the expansion of new areas will support the growth of the company’s performance.