LG Display may plan to produce foldable displays in 2019

According to reports, LG DISPLAY is one of the major manufacturers of LCD and OLED displays, and has decided to start producing foldable OLED displays. LG has been developing this technology for many years, but competitors such as Samsung Display and BOE have begun to produce foldable displays, and LG’s launch is still in development.
However, a new report from South Korea‘s ET News seems to confirm that LG is working with “Global OEMs” to produce collapsible panels for its traditional partners, including Chinese companies such as Google, Microsoft and Xiaomi.
The source explained that although Samsung Display is the leader in foldable display technology, its products are likely to be available only for Samsung Electronics" target="_blank">Electronics, and competitors who do not want to miss the innovative shape can choose LG Display or BOE as an alternative manufacturer.
Smartphones with LG OLED displays include the LG V30 and Google Pixel 2 XL. Although Pixel 2 XL suffers from a variety of screen problems such as screen aging, LG has been expanding its OLED supply in recent months and recently reached an agreement with Apple.