Keysight Introduces New PXI Express Power Measurement Equipment

Keysight TECHNOLOGIES has announced the launch of its first PXI Express power measurement device, the Keysight M9111A. The product is a dedicated device that assists engineers in design verification and mass production testing of next-generation power amplifiers and front-end modules that support the cellular wireless connectivity standard.
This high-speed power measurement device can change the voltage, stabilize the waveform, and accurately measure the microampere-ampere (mA) current in less than 1 millisecond. The measurement speed of the new PXIe model is 20 times faster than the company‘s previous generation of stand-alone power measurement equipment, and the size is much smaller.
Zhang Zhiming, general manager of Taiwan-based technology, said that test speed is a key factor in the power amplifier automated test environment. The new product can effectively increase the measurement speed, its high-speed output capability and no-surge operation, plus better stability characteristics, can maintain high performance even when the capacitance is up to 150 μF, which is ideal for mobile phone power amplifier testing. .
The power amplifier draws fast current pulses during operation. The product has better transient performance and can be used to reduce the voltage drop caused by the pulse load and quickly return to its programmed voltage. In addition, the product has better output stability, which can eliminate the problem that the power supply interferes with the measurement. The no-surge operation ensures that the device under test is safe when the power output and measurement range are changed, or when the capacitance is high.
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