Intel will release a chip package specification

With the increasing space requirements of electronic devices, more and more manufacturers are reducing the size of the motherboard by various means, but due to technical limitations, the experience will not be perfect. Apple has used a three-dimensional stacking motherboard on the iPhone X. Although it is small in size, the heat is seriously affecting the experience of the mobile phone, and it is not perfect.
As one of the industry‘s leading semiconductors, intel will recently release a chip package specification that enables standardized stacking specifications and design methods.
This specification, called AIB, is a low-cost, high-density solution that is primarily used in embedded multi-chip interconnect bridging, or EMIB, to enable physical connectivity to diedie.
Intel intends to license this specification to any interested company in the industry alliance for free. But relying on AIB to form an alliance still takes a lot of time.
Intel has always regarded this technology as a secret, but it has not closed the AIB technology and intends to turn it into a standard ecosystem that can be used by any packaging technology.
TSMC and Apple have also developed their own packaging technology, integrated fan-out technology, which has been used in Apple’s A-system processors.