I will independently develop nano-scale “optical calipers”

The development of the “Non-Smooth Surface Non-destructive Tester” for the major scientific equipment development project of the National Key R&D Program was launched in Chengdu on October 9. In the future, it will be widely used in microelectronic integrated circuits, solar cell substrates, and large-scale high-power solid-state laser systems, space optical systems and other equipment inspection and testing.
In the field of substrate manufacturing of microelectronic chips such as integrated circuits and semiconductors, and in the field of modern large-scale optical engineering such as lasers and space telescopes, ultra-smooth surface non-destructive testing equipment is like an “optical caliperthat can pass the degree of curvature, surface quality, etc. The measurement of key parameters greatly improves the manufacturing level in the above-mentioned fields in China. The ultra-smooth surface non-destructive tester, developed by Chengdu Taike Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., will be used for ultra-smooth surfaces of non-transparent objects and high-precision measurement of nano-scale surface topography with transparent objects with multiple layers of ultra-smooth parallel reflective surfaces. The area is up to Φ150mm and the measurement accuracy is from 1mm to 700μm. “The larger inspection area and non-contact precision measurement are the biggest features of this equipment.” Zhao Zhiliang, general manager of Chengdu Taike Optoelectronics Co., said that in the detection of nano-scale materials, any contact may cause damage, and the new instrument will Based on optical measurement, multi-surface separation algorithm is used to achieve non-contact non-destructive measurement. At the same time, it can also play a role in the field measurement of large-diameter components such as large-diameter laser systems, extreme ultraviolet lithography, aerospace space optics, and material properties.