Huawei Kirin 980 re-exposure TSMC has begun trial production

Earlier, Huawei has already announced that it will deliver Keynote speech at the IFA conference in Berlin, Germany at the end of August. According to the usual practice, this will be the time when Huawei officially announced the new Kirin processor. This year will be the case if there are no accidents, and the protagonist is the rumored Kirin 980.
Recently, the news from the Taiwan industrial chain revealed that TSMC has officially started trial production of the Kirin 980 processor. Since the current yield of the 7nm process is not particularly high, they also hope to try production as soon as possible to get some unexpected situations. However, the virus incidents in the early front-end power accumulation have basically ended, and will no longer affect the production of the corresponding processors.
In addition, according to insiders of the foundry, Kirin 980 will begin to ship in September, for the assembly of this processor model, it seems that the Huawei Mate 20 series released in October is basically a real hammer. As for the specification parameters, the CPU will be quad-core A76+ quad-core A55, the highest frequency can reach 2.8GHz; and the GPU will be ARM‘s latest release of Mali G76 MP14, it is said that the performance is huge, there is also a saying that Huawei self-developed GPU; of course NPU will not be absent, and will use the Cambrian 1M intelligent NPU to further improve AI performance.
As the leader of the domestic mobile phone processor, Kirin 980 has attracted the attention of many people. From the current news, the performance of CPU, GPU and NPU will have a qualitative leap, plus the software level GPU Turbo and CPU Turbo. Blessing, the actual performance is indeed worth looking forward to. Whether Kirin 980 can surpass our expectations, see the results on August 31.