Huawei invests 100 million US dollars to enter India

Huawei will start aggressively into the less competitive Indian market from next year, investing $100 million in mobile phones in three years and opening 1,000 brand stores.
The current competition in the mobile phone market in various countries is becoming increasingly fierce. In addition, the mobile phone life cycle has become longer. As a result, the shipment of smart phones began to decline before the arrival of 5G, and mainstream manufacturers such as Huawei have opened up their new markets. This time, Huawei has developed a new three-year plan to establish a foothold in the Indian market through a dual-brand strategy.
Huawei’s strategy shows that both Huawei and Glory will expand their smartphone types in the Indian market to gain market share. Among them, the glory brand will launch mobile phones at different price points in the Indian market, and the Huawei brand will appear as a high-end brand, competing with other Chinese brands such as Samsung, Apple, and OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi, which occupy the mainstream market in India.
Zhao Ming, president of Glory Brand Global, said: “We will achieve 500% growth by the end of 2018. Our goal this time is to become India’s largest mobile phone brand by 2021.”