Hongxia embraces the apple list and develops business opportunities for vehicles.

The market spread, Apples first car-related patents passed this year, although the actual application has not yet appeared, but the market is optimistic, Apple’s patent application shows that the car layout is actively explored, the main partner Hon Hai and Sharp work together, the two sides can develop car panels Wait for the market.
The US Patent and Trademark Office updated the database in August. In July last year, Apple introduced the “14/798,120” patent codenamed9,409,599“, which was technically displayed as an articulated vehicle connection and steering application, which can be connected by technology. Integration with electromechanical allows vehicles to be connected or separated in series.
It is rumored that Apple’s patent application is also accompanied by software technology. Market analysts may be part of Apple’s future vehicle application and R&D. Apple’s code name Titan (Project Titan) has a new head of electric vehicle program, and it is expected that smart cars will appear in 2021 at the latest.
Industry observations, due to Apple’s main partner Hon Hai after funding Sharp, Sharp plans to build a pre-engineering OLED display panel manufacturing in 2017, mass production in 2018, still can match the Apple series of automotive applications planning.