Hefei Fuxin Microelectronics 5-inch power chip project mass production

On July 19, technicians are producing a new generation of 5-inch wafer power chips in the clean room of Fuxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. in Hefei High-tech Zone.
This is the first power protection chip production line in Hefei with a complete technology patent and a flat polishing process. At present, it has achieved mass production, and its technical level is first-class in China, and it fills the gap in the province. This product is widely used in smart home appliances, communication networks, Internet of Things, smart wear, security and other fields.
In December 2015, Anhui Fuxin Microelectronics Co., Ltd. officially started construction of 500,000 power integrated circuit chip projects in Baiyu Science and Technology Park. It is reported that the project is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of Innovation Avenue and Xiangpu Road in Bailu Science and Technology Park, with a total investment of about 300 million yuan, covering an area of ​​30 acres and a building area of ​​24028 square meters. It will build a large-scale power device and power integrated circuit production line to form an annual output. The 500,000-chip power integrated circuit chip base mainly produces 5-inch protection devices, power thyristor chips, etc., and carries out other product development.