Google officially launched Android 9.0: Named Android Pie

August 7th news, Android P official version released, codenamed Android Pie, Pie meaning “pie”, this is the ninth big version of Android.
In order to make it easier to understand this update, the following numbers are used to sort:
1. Gesture: Android Pie adds a new full-screen operation gesture, similar to the operation of iPhone X, but there are still navigation keys at the bottom of the screen, but only return to the main menu and back.
2, Android Dashboard: This is a software to view the time of the APP, which is similar to the screen usage time of iOS 12.
3, Wind Down: When using the phone at night, the interface can be adjusted to gray, which is the night mode.
4, Adaptive BATTERY (Adaptive Battery Usage): Optimize the software commonly used by users to control CPU resource usage.
5, Shush do not disturb function: After turning on this function, when the phone screen is facing down, the device can be automatically muted.
6, Actions and Slices: These two functions are to save user operations, such as Actions, detect that after the phone is plugged into the headset, it will automatically jump out of the music-related App, which is convenient for users to choose; while Slices can save user operations in the app, such as Searching for the taxi software will automatically select the car to go home, destination, etc. This is similar to the “one step” of Smartisan OS and the “transportation gate” of MIUI. The main purpose is to simplify the user’s operation on the mobile phone.
7, interface adjustment: the notification bar, the top icon and other functions have also changed.
The above is the main update content of the current Android Pie, and other functions are waiting for a full push to learn more.
Now Essential Phone and Pixel series models can be upgraded to Android Pie via OTA, but older models will not be updated, such as Google‘s Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P phones.
In addition, Google previously said that this year HMD GLOBAL (Nokia), Sony, one plus, OPPO, vivo and other devices will continue to push Android 9 Pie.