Google detailed Pixel3 series security chip Titan M ultra-secure independent chip

Google has built a separate chip called Visual Core on the Pixel 2 series, but initially Google did not activate it, and users initially only enabled the chip’s functionality through the developer option.
In the Pixel 3 series, Google has added a new security chip called Titan M. Recently, Google has released a blog to explain the function and role of this chip.
Titan M is responsible for protecting the Pixel 3 series of phones. The chip itself is directly associated with the secure boot process of the operating system, which allows it to save the latest Android security version, preventing attackers from rolling back firmware to an unsecure version.
In addition, Titan M can prevent others from booting the unlocker. In addition to these more technical tasks, the security chip also limits the number of attempts to manually enter the lock screen password.
The Titan M chip is a stand-alone chip and uses protected flash memory. These two designs make it difficult for him to crack. Therefore, Google also uses Titan M to protect the payment security of the Pixel 3 series. In the future, Google Pay is expected to use Go to this chip.
Given Facebook‘s recent privacy scandals, Google’s focus on security is also reasonable. In the future, the chip is likely to be one of the core parts of Google’s Pixel device, not just the Pixel 3 series.