Fuji executives disclose the price of GFX100 or close to $10,000

Foreign media Cameta CAMERA recently interviewed Fujifilm executive Brandon and learned some latest news about Fuji GFX100. According to Fujio executive Brandon, Fuji has invested millions of dollars in research and development costs on the processor. This processor is not only used in the current Fuji X-T3, but also related technology will be carried on the upcoming GFX100.
In addition, Brandon also revealed that the Fuji GFX100 is expected to sell for about $9,995 (approximately RMB 69,400), and the 100-megapixel camera market will also receive attention with the launch of the Fuji GFX100. Finally, he also mentioned that the Fuji X-T3 has been selling well since its launch, and the price of the Fuji XF16-80mmF4 lens will be very attractive. As for the Fuji XF33mmF1.0 new lens, it is also worth looking forward to.