Ericsson and Qualcomm cooperate to call the world’s first 5G phone

According to ZDNet Beijing time on September 7th, through cooperation with Qualcomm, Ericsson used the mobile device of a smart phone shape to dial the worlds first 5G phone.
The first 5G phone was launched at Ericsson’s laboratory in Kista, Sweden, using the 39GHz millimeter-wave spectrum and Ericsson’s commercial 5G NR Air 5331 base station and a test using the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem and wireless sub-module device.
According to the two companies, such an experiment would “pave the way for the sale of infrastructure, smartphones and other mobile devices that meet the 5G NR standard. In addition, these early experiments will enable global operators and equipment manufacturers to take advantage of them. Experiment with your own network and equipment.”
Fredrik Jejdling, executive vice president of Ericsson, also said that the test is also a test of the new millimeter-wave spectrum interoperability. The millimeter-wave spectrum provides operators with more 5G deployment options, providing users with faster network speeds.
After Ericsson released commercial 5G software supporting multiple core networks in February, all three 5G solutions will be officially released in the second half of next year.
Ericsson announced in June that it will cooperate with Telstra and Intel to conduct 5G data communication experiments.