Cloud computing company Twilio determines the issue price: the first IPO of the US technology startup circle this year

On the morning of June 23, Beijing time, US cloud computing startup Twilio announced the IPO (IPO) issue price on Wednesday, at $15 per share, higher than the issue price range of $12 to $14 announced last week.
Silicon Valley and Wall Street people will pay close attention to the performance of the Twilio IPO. Twilio will be the first American technology startup to be listed in 2016.
Twilio from San Francisco is growing fast, with a growth rate of 88% last year. The company sells software that helps businesses communicate anonymously with customers via voice, video and text messages. For example, OpenTable uses Twilio’s service to send booking notifications, and Nordstrom‘s sales staff also communicates with customers waiting for merchandise arrivals via Twilio.
Uber is also an important customer of Twilio. Uber uses the company’s technology to achieve one-on-one conversations between drivers and passengers without revealing personal phone numbers. The same is true for Airbnb.
Twilio stock will start trading on Thursday. However, the company has not yet achieved profitability. In 2015, Twilio’s revenue nearly doubled to $166.9 million with a net loss of $35.5 million. Twilio said the IPO benefits will be used for investment engineering development and marketing, as well as expanding its technology platform.
Twilio will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbolTWLO“.