ARM introduces new server-class products up to 96 core 1T broadband

Recently, at the ARM Techcon 2018 conference, ARM launched its own Neoverse brand, based on the ARM instruction set, but mainly for the server and high-performance cluster computing market, can achieve up to 96 CPU cores in a single way, maximum 1T bandwidth and maximum 64MB fast cache.
ARM introduces new server-class products with up to 96 core 1T broadband
Neoverse’s existing brand, codenamed Cosmos, uses a 16nm process based on the Cortex A72 and A75 cores. In 2019, a platform called Ares will be launched, using the 7nm process, and in 2020, it will advance to the Zeus platform based on the 7nm+ process, and 5nm will be launched in 2021 under the name Poseidon. ARM claims that it will increase unit performance by about 30% per generation.
Although ARM has tried to get rid of the connection between Neoverse and Cortex, it is obvious that they still use the Cortex architecture, but it is not completely copied. Instead, dedicated IO optimization based on servers and data centers will be implemented to achieve high concurrency and ease communication bottlenecks, and to help server expansion.