Apple digs a senior engineer from Waymo to continue developing drones

On the morning of June 16th, Beijing time, Apple said on Friday that the company had hired a senior engineer from Waymo, an autonomous car company owned by Alphabet, indicating that the iPhone maker still plans to develop the technology.
Apple recruited Waymo former system engineer Jaime Waydo, who has confirmed the matter to the technology news site The Information.
Prior to joining Waymo, Vido worked as an engineer in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for a long time. She was responsible for systems engineering during Waymo, ensuring that software and hardware were well coordinated and helping the company make some key decisions, including when to cancel human security officers.
Apple is tight-lipped about the development of driverless cars, but the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, once called it “the mother of all artificial intelligence projects.”
The company has not released any products related to driverless cars, but many actions indicate that they are interested in this technology.
Apple has been allowed to test driverless cars in California and has released research on how to make driverless cars better detect pedestrians and cyclists.
Apple also announced in April that it had brought in Google’s former artificial intelligence executive John Giannandrea.