Apple and Qualcomm will be TSMC’s 7nm order customers next year

Next years 7nm production orders will include Apple and Qualcomm, while Qualcomm’s next-generation flagship Opteron 800 series will be produced by TSMC. Apple will also ship the A13 chip produced by TSMC on the iPhone in 2019. In addition, AMD, NVIDIA, XILINX and some manufacturers developing AI chips will be future customers of TSMC 7nm process technology.
7nm process technology has already brought 10% profit to the company in 2018, and it is estimated that more than 20% will be used next year using extreme ultraviolet lithography technology. This technology can make chip production more fine, let Chip performance and features are even better. The first generation of 7nm chips will begin mass production next year, and the next 7nm process technology growth will bring greater profit growth to TSMC.
In the current quarter until the end of the year, TSMC forecasts a profit range of $9.35 billion to $9.45 billion, an increase of 10% to 11% from the previous quarter. During the entire year, TSMC estimated earnings growth of 6.5%, less than the previous forecast of 7% to 9%.